MDML Meetup 2019-September || Lior Zimmerman, Novellus || Elias Nehme, Technion || DL in Cancer Driving Mutations & Single-Molecule Microscopy

Written by:  Chen Brestel, PhD, Machine Learning Researcher and Amit Oved, MSc, Machine Learning Researcher, Zebra Medical Vision. Do you want to learn more about how to apply machine learning in medicine and biology to improve patient care and the quality and length of our lives? At Zebra Medical Vision Ltd., our research efforts in the... Continue Reading →

100th “Zebra” Patient Admitted!

“Our success has literally been based on partnerships from the very beginning” Bill Gates By: Zebra Medical Vision Team. We are honored to be part of Oxford University Hospital’s significant advancement in care for patients that are at risk of Osteoporosis. Our AI solution has helped the Oxford Fracture Liaison Service increase the number of... Continue Reading →

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