When the Stars Align: Another big step forward to fulfilling the Zebra-med vision

By: Eyal Gura, CEO.

Today we reported on a big milestone in fulfilling our dream to impact millions of lives with medical AI. The choice made by the Indian and Israeli Governments, to put their trust in a small startup from Kibbutz Shefayim was not guaranteed and we cannot take it for granted.

It was four years ago when I joined our board member Euan Thomson for a trip to India to visit Apollo Hospitals for the first time and meet Sangita Reddy.

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Making Impact @Home

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By: Eyal Gura, CEO.

You’re probably wondering why we’re presenting you with a Hanukkah picture two months after the holiday ended, and why the image itself contains only three lit candles alongside a bowl of ice cream.

Secrets are certainly hard to keep, but back on the third day of Hanukkah, the Zebra-Med team had received three official letters from the Israeli Innovation Authority declaring that we were granted three major grants to deploy our AI technology in local hospitals and HMOs!

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Radical AI joins Zebra-Med


By: Yaron Blinder PhD, Senior Product Manager for X-ray products at Zebra-Med.

Radical AI was founded in 2017 to develop high impact, deep learning-based solutions for radiology workflow. When analyzing unmet needs in the field, a few key points quickly became clear – first and foremost, that radiology as a specialty is undergoing a real crisis. With an estimated 5 billion exams (and rising) currently performed annually worldwide, less than 10 radiologists per 100,000 patients (first-world average!), and the long, expensive process required to train new radiologists, the need for AI assistance is urgent. This is especially true considering half the world’s population has no access to radiology services at all.

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Supporting Student Athletes From Rumson Fair Haven High School

By: John LoGioco, CCO.



Our team here at Zebra Medical Vision was proud to support local high school athletes by sponsoring the Rumson Boat Race, held in Rumson New Jersey. Proceeds from the event help support the boys and girls crew teams from the local high school, Rumson Fair Haven.

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Passing The Baton

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 11.42.05

By: Elad Benjamin.

Four years ago I joined Zebra, then just starting out, as a third co-founder. The dream that attracted me to join the two Eyal-s was (and still is) very big – to create a software product capable of automatically reading and diagnosing imaging data. Since then we have grown our team to 40 strong, created one of the largest imaging databases in the world and developed products that can automatically identify liver, lung, cardiovascular and other conditions.

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TextRay: Mining Clinical Reports to Gain a Broad Understanding of Chest X-rays

By: Jonathan Laserson, PhD. Lead AI Researcher

At Zebra-med we set out on a long journey to create an automated radiology assistant – to help radiologists become more efficient and enable them to take care of many more patients. With 2 billion people joining the middle class worldwide and a growing global shortage of clinical experts, there is a sense of urgency to develop technology which can help bridge the gap between supply and demand of radiology services – technology such as the one I’ll discuss here. Continue reading “TextRay: Mining Clinical Reports to Gain a Broad Understanding of Chest X-rays”

Predicting job creation and positive ROI for AI in the Bone Health Sector

smart doctor hand working with modern laptop computer in modern office with virtual icon diagram

By: John LoGioco, CCO.

The common rhetoric around AI and medical imaging is that AI technology will eliminate jobs.  However, as AI technology starts to be implemented within clinical workflows the introduction of new technology will likely create more opportunities for employment in the near term.  This is evident in the bone health sector, specifically within how Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) programs are being executed.

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