Making A Difference

More than 65 million people worldwide struggle each day just to breathe.  COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is the 4th most common direct cause of death worldwide. It costs healthcare systems over $50 billion in direct and indirect costs yearly. The disease is increasing worldwide due to tobacco, biofuel exposure and air pollution.

Unfortunately, COPD is usually diagnosed at a very late stage, where therapeutic options are few. Today, the standard test used to diagnose the disease is PFT (Pulmonary Function Test) and spirometry (Breath Measurement Tool), but it has already been proven that it is possible to get an accurate result based upon CT imaging only.

At Zebra we want to change the course of this disease by discovering it earlier, at a time when the lungs can still be protected. The Quality of Life with COPD, affects even basic tasks such as laughing and walking. Catching the disease at an earlier stage, would allow earlier intervention to prevent the slippery degradation in quality of life.

How? By putting our database of over 15,000 CT studies of COPD within your reach. All datasets are labeled, subclassified and ready to use.

Are you a Medical Imaging Researcher? Are you a Machine Learning expert looking to apply your skills in the medical field? How about joining the Zebra Research Community to take on this task. Our Zebra Research Platform gives you full access to these datasets, along with the tools needed to conduct research, and the computing power needed to execute it. You focus on developing clinical insights, we will handle the rest.

For more details, check out

Stay Tuned for our exciting news at HIMSS  – February 29-March 1st, 2016 in Las Vegas. Come see us at Booth #4416

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