Intermountain Healthcare – Welcome to the Zebra-Med herd!

It gives me great pleasure to announce Zebras’ new funding round of $12m. The funding is being led by Healthbox, through the Intermountain Innovation Fund, with participation of Dolby Ventures, Ourcrowd, Marc Benioff and Khosla Ventures, who led our Series A. This investment strengthens Zebra for the foreseeable future and allows us to continue pushing hard to realize our vision.

Zebra was founded two years ago, with the goal of teaching computers to read and diagnose medical images. Amazing pressure is being placed on the healthcare system by an aging population, an increase in the amount of imaging scans, and 1 Billion people joining the middle class in the next decade – who will need access to fast and accurate imaging services. Healthcare systems are not equipped to handle this increasing load, and not enough physicians are available to provide these services in a timely manner.

We believe everyone should have access to, and receive quality healthcare services, in a timely and accurate manner – and we’ve set out on a journey to deliver on that promise.

With this round we aim to take Zebra to the next level, and continue building our Analytics Engine – populating it with the hundreds of algorithmic insights needed in order to automatically diagnose imaging scans. Using millions of imaging and clinical data points, we continuously expand our Engine to include more tools. We already provide early detection of Osteoporosis, Fatty Liver and Emphysema, and additional tools for Coronary Analysis, Lung, Abdomen, Brain and Vascular conditions as well as many others are in the works.

We will also continue building relationships with our commercial partners,such as Dell Services, as well as collaborate with forward thinking clinical organizations, such as Intermountain Healthcare, seeking to improve patient care and reduce costs by using the most advanced tools available.

We would have never gotten this far had it not been for the amazing team at Zebra that continues to push us forward allowing us to achieve our goals. I feel privileged to be a part of it – a shout out to all the Zebras!

We have a long, challenging and wonderful journey ahead of us.

Elad Benjamin, CEO



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