Continuing our journey of innovation

heart attack

We are proud to announce the launch of two new software algorithms that can assist caregivers in identifying and potentially preventing cardiac events.

Check out the press release for more information.



The two new algorithms automatically quantify the amount of calcified plaque in coronary arteries and detect presence of fatty liver in patients’ CT scans. Individually, the algorithms inform caregivers about the cardiovascular and metabolic state of their patients, and together they provide even stronger predictors for risk of heart attack and stroke.

These algorithms continue our efforts to create one hundred new insights in the next three years, while expanding our relationships and work with ACOs, HMOs and other payors and providers seeking to improve care at lower cost through the power of analytics, predictive modeling and preventative care.

We’re excited to get back to work and introduce more and more algorithms for better preventative care and public health!

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