Introducing AI in Healthcare That’s Just $1 Per Use

By: Elad Benjamin
Over the last few years, we’ve been hard at work at Zebra to develop and introduce AI into radiology. We’ve written before about why this is important to us, based on the challenges this field is facing, and the impact we believe we can make. Healthcare is challenging – with long cycles, regulatory barriers and slow adoption of new technology, but our vision of affordable, accessible imaging technology for everyone keeps us continually thinking of ways to accelerate the realization of those goals.

That’s what has led us to today’s launch of AI1, or All-In- 1. This is a milestone that I’m truly proud of. Why? Because this new way of delivering the algorithms we develop – and will continue developing – allows healthcare providers globally to access to any of our algorithms for $1 USD per scan. This is a completely new way of delivering a technology or service to the healthcare space. Transparent, flat pricing is virtually non-existent in this field, limiting the number of hospitals and doctors that can use that potentially lifesaving technology to diagnose and treat their patients. We wanted to invert that thinking.

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Why Provide a Per Scan Cost?
All of us need medical attention at some point. Two billion people are expected to join the middle class alone in the next decade – consuming more healthcare services, and there are an estimated 4 billion people in radiology scarce zones globally. Why not provide our technology for a low, per use cost? Accessible to every patient via every medical facility possible? We can be a successful business that keeps investing in the development of its AI-enabled radiology scans, while providing an affordable and
life-saving technology for anyone who needs it. We truly believe the introduction of AI1 and this approach will encourage the faster global adoption of advanced tools that can improve health and save more lives.

So, what specifically do we do? Zebra has been developing a platform that can automatically detect various medical findings in imaging scans. More than a radiologist may be looking for based on a patient’s complaints or doctor’s concerns. The Zebra deep learning engine can currently read scans for the automatic detection of liver, lung, cardiovascular, and bone disease. This is all while new capabilities are constantly being released, based on medical review and acceptance – covering breast cancer, lung cancer, brain trauma, hypertension, and other clinical areas.

Zebra fits seamlessly within the existing processes of radiologists to highlight any findings that may validate what they’ve found or anything additional they may not have expected. Zebra’s platform has already been tested and used in more than 50 hospitals globally, analyzing more than one million patient scans to-date. We believe this is just the start of an adoption in the healthcare space of our technology –that will help so many patients get diagnosed quicker and treated more effectively around the world.

Where to Learn More
We hope that if you’re a healthcare provider, you’re curious to learn more about integrating Zebra Medical Vision’s engine into your hospital or practice. You can learn more about AI1 at And, to the rest of you, we hope to be available as a part of your healthcare plans and solutions very soon. Beyond Zebra’s platform, we look forward to this per use

model to become the standard in healthcare technology, so we can all benefit from a more affordable system that benefits us and others around the world.


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