Passing The Baton

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By: Elad Benjamin.

Four years ago I joined Zebra, then just starting out, as a third co-founder. The dream that attracted me to join the two Eyal-s was (and still is) very big – to create a software product capable of automatically reading and diagnosing imaging data. Since then we have grown our team to 40 strong, created one of the largest imaging databases in the world and developed products that can automatically identify liver, lung, cardiovascular and other conditions.

We have gained approval for seven products in the EU, and we recently celebrated our first FDA clearance as well. I’m very proud of our entire team and the amazing progress they’ve helped drive in a slow moving, regulated industry. Every day we see the change happening around us, with imaging AI being thrust into the forefront of radiology.

But sometimes change is needed, and such is the case today. After four amazing and demanding years, I will be transitioning the role of CEO back to to Eyal Gura, the company’s Chairman and co-founder. I’ll continue to support and assist the company in driving key projects forward.

Right before departing to a long week in India visiting partners, I want to thank our employees, customers, partners and investors who are an integral part of Zebra’s growth, and who continue to help us revolutionize radiology. I will still be around & we have much more work to do!

All the best, 



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