2018 was great… Now we can’t wait for 2019 to start !

By: Eyal Gura, CEO.

Zebra just turned five years old and there is only one week left of 2018. This presents a great opportunity to reflect and appreciate the journey we are all part of. The year started strong as Zebra was named as one of FastCompany’s most innovative AI startups.


Earlier this year we presented to the world the broadest research ever conducted on chest x-rays where approximately 2 million scans were used for the first time to train neural networks to diagnose 40 different medical findings. Later this year TextRay was named Best Of Miccai2018! The results of this research will be introduced as products to the market early in 2019. Later in the year we announced our series C funding round of $30m  bringing our total funding so far for over $50m strong. We were happy to join forces with J&J and aMoon and other leading investors.


As the year progressed we received our first FDA clearance for our coronary calcium scoring algorithm and have started to plan our future submissions of many new products.  Our CEO Elad Benjamin passed the baton back to me and we are thankful for his leadership during the last three years. At RSNA we had two (!) oral presentations where we revealed together with our partners at Clalit’s Research Institute how CT scans can be used to beat the current gold standard in predicting osteoporosis fractures (Zebra was better than FRAX) and risk for cardiac event (Zebra was better than Framingham). At RSNA we also saw our product well integrated to the workflow of many great partners and it was great to see how AI is finally being embraced by the clinical community.


With the amazing work of Flair and Alina we moved to our new amazing office! Our team grew this year by almost 50% and we are thrilled to get to know so many talented new Zebra’s that have joined us to change healthcare forever. Lastly, we are also thrilled to have a strong new product team led by PHD Shiri Salomon and our very recent addition to the team via the Radial.Ai merge. We were hoping to share some more news this week but I guess it will have to wait for 2019 : ) stay tuned!


Last but not least  – we need your help in finding more talented people to join our team and help us change healthcare forever!  There are many open positions on our site – check them out!  

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