100th “Zebra” Patient Admitted!

“Our success has literally been based on partnerships from the very beginning”

Bill Gates

By: Zebra Medical Vision Team.

We are honored to be part of Oxford University Hospital’s significant advancement in care for patients that are at risk of Osteoporosis. Our AI solution has helped the Oxford Fracture Liaison Service increase the number of patients placed on Osteoporosis treatment pathways to prevent potentially life-changing fractures.

And we are about to change the face of Osteoporosis globally!

Sally Bromley, Oxford FLS patient detected by Zebra technology.
BBC, David Prever’s Breakfast Club

Upwards of 75% of compression fractures are missed or unreported and we feel this is a staggering percentage. Zebra-Med’s automated detection implemented in the Fracture Liaison Service at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, helps in identifying compression fractures on common chest and abdomen CT scans. Detecting such fractures early allowing for increased intervention, helps prevent up to 70% of Osteoporotic fractures and can save health systems hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Alongside the vertebral compression fracture detection product, Zebra-Med’s bone health package includes a DEXA emulator score, providing the commonly used bone density T-score using existing CT data to conduct pre-screening for people with increased risk of fracture, with no need for additional tests or radiation.

Zebra is committed to the Bone Health sector. This year we added our 3rd patent to the growing Bone Health portfolio, which was received in February 2019 and focuses on the volumetric analysis of bone mineral density values extracted from CT studies. 

Our collaboration with Oxford University Hospital has led them to successfully deploy Zebra Medical Vision’s vertebral compression fracture product with the purpose of increasing patient flow into Oxford’s Fracture Liaison Service. The installation was successful and over 100 patients have already been treated by the FLS (up to date March, 2019) following identification by the algorithm.

The cost of Osteoporosis-related fragility fractures to the NHS is estimated to be £2 billion annually. 100 patients is just the beginning as we increased the number of detected patients by 400%. Based on the Royal Osteoporosis Society data and calculations (June, 2019), it means the NHS can benefit from around £570K per year in gross savings. It is not only the financial impact that makes this significant, but also the 66% time savings for the Oxford FLS staff as they no longer need to re-read normal medical cases. And if you ask about patient satisfaction – according to Oxford’s Fracture Liaison Service it reached 100%.

Oxford University Hospital and their state of the art FLS program is a pioneer in the UK market in implementing AI solutions to detect a condition that is often undiagnosed. The implementation of Zebra-Med’s compression fracture algorithm is making it’s journey, not only in the UK market, but also in the US. Dr. Ruchman assisted by Dr. Lu from RWJ Barnabas, Monmouth Medical in New Jersey, ran a successful proof of concept pilot using Zebra’s vertebral compression fracture algorithm to detect compression fractures on chest/abdomen CT scans. The proof of concept was successful which has led to an expanded pilot that is currently ongoing. In Intermountain Healthcare (IMH), a study was conducted and Zebra’s fully automated solution was compared with IMH radiologist detection and reached 98% specificity, 94% sensitivity, and an overall PPV of 90%.

For us the use case is clear. Imagine your 78 year old mother was referred for an urgent CT scan of her chest/abdomen for suspected malignancy. Thankfully, it returned as negative, but a couple months later this scan was re-analysed by Zebra Medical Vision and she was approached by a specialist Osteoporosis nurse and told she has been “Zebra-ed”, as a fracture in her spine was identified. Osteoporosis was diagnosed and she commenced treatment for the prevention of further fractures.

We have a lot to thank for Zebra-Med’s Bone Health team. Having the right people is not only about creating revolutionary AI solutions, but also about leading this partnership to true friendship. As the market leader for Osteoporosis detection and digital bone health tools, partnering with one of the leading bone prevention programs in the world – Oxford Fracture Liaison Service – it is an honor to continue the journey together and transform osteoporosis care.

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  1. This is a great achievement. Congrats Zebra for Addressing this universal problem of osteoporosis. I believe this will help pre-empt many incidences of compression fracture arising due to osteoporosis.


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