Introducing Pleural Effusion to Zebra-Med’s AI1 bundle

By: Yaron Blinder, Senior Product Manager, Zebra Medical Vision

This week the Zebra-med X-ray team is delighted to announce Zebra Medical Vision’s fourth FDA clearance – this time for our newest addition to our Chest X-ray package (HealthCXR), which focuses on pleural effusion. This new clearance joins our FDA clearance for a chest x-ray product from earlier in the year, the first of its kind, which focused on Pneumothorax, growing and evolving our FDA-cleared AI products for chest x-ray. 

Pleural effusion is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the pleural space between the lungs and chest wall, often referred to as “water in the lungs”. It is a symptom that can appear as a result of various acute medical conditions, such as trauma, severe pneumonia, severe pulmonary edema, and other acute indications. For example, 30%-50% of patients with pulmonary embolism exhibit a pleural effusion. Additionally, pleural effusions can be an indication of less acute, but nonetheless significant conditions such as cancer, congestive heart failure, and cirrhosis. 

A pleural effusion rarely appears without an underlying cause which requires medical management – from a diagnostic perspective, it is often the proverbial smoke that indicates there is a fire that requires attention

Source: Skok et al., Malignant Pleural Effusion and Its Current Management: A Review, Medicina 2019, 55(8), 490;

Chest X-ray is the most common medical imaging exam, routinely performed as part of nearly every ER visit, daily check-ups for inpatients, outpatient complaints of a bad cough, pre-op and post-op monitoring, and the reasons go on and on. As a result, radiologists are swamped with endless lists of chest x-ray exams which are increasingly harder to manage. 

In scenarios where the chest x-ray is more often normal than not, such as screening programs, the detection of a pleural effusion can be a very useful preliminary tool for the separation of remarkable vs unremarkable cases. Zebra’s products integrate directly into the existing workflow of the radiologist by flagging suspected cases within the worklist. By providing the radiologist with an additional AI-based insight of pleural effusion (together with pneumothorax), Zebra’s chest x-ray platform can facilitate more efficient radiology reporting for patients with a higher likelihood of having an acute pathology. 

The image is for demonstration use only.

Zebra’s AI1 “all-in-one” product portfolio aims to provide a wide range of benefits and value to our customers. We are excited to be taking this next step into a wider application of AI for chest X-ray, further empowering radiologists and clinicians to provide better patient care. 

Come visit us next week at RSNA to see how it works. Booth 10527

More information on the location of the booth can be found here.
Yaron and the Xray team! 

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