Radical AI joins Zebra-Med

By: Yaron Blinder PhD, Senior Product Manager for X-ray products at Zebra-Med. Radical AI was founded in 2017 to develop high impact, deep learning-based solutions for radiology workflow. When analyzing unmet needs in the field, a few key points quickly became clear – first and foremost, that radiology as a specialty is undergoing a real crisis.... Continue Reading →

RSNA 2018 here we come!

By: Dr. Eldad Elnekave, CMO. When launching Zebra Medical Vision, we knew we had a talented team, immense imaging data and enough computational power to prove the potential of AI for the next generation of radiologists. The potential was endless, which was problematic. The question was where to begin.  Radiologists were contending with exponentially increasing... Continue Reading →

Passing The Baton

By: Elad Benjamin. Four years ago I joined Zebra, then just starting out, as a third co-founder. The dream that attracted me to join the two Eyal-s was (and still is) very big - to create a software product capable of automatically reading and diagnosing imaging data. Since then we have grown our team to... Continue Reading →

2017 – A Year In Review

As 2017 draws to a close, I wanted to share this past year's highlights with all of you, who have been supporting us since we started our journey of providing high-quality, accessible imaging analytics for everyone. As our radiology Analytics Engine continues to evolve and expand, we are able to provide more doctors and patients with... Continue Reading →

A Thank You To Our Partners in Healthcare

By: Elad Benjamin As we get ready to head out to the annual Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) conference, we’re excited to be profiled in their new Machine Learning Showcase along with our two partners, Google and Carestream. Even more so, the team here at Zebra Medical Vision is feeling very fortunate that so many... Continue Reading →

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